Can A Psychic Medium Talk To The Dead?


Can A Psychic Medium Talk To The Dead?

Everyone possesses the ability to "talk" to the dead

Everyone possesses the ability to "talk" to the dead. It is possible to hear something from the spirit of your loved one if they are no longer with you to whom you shared a special bond. But what can you do to communicate with the spirit of the deceased? That is where the mediums come in, who can help you transition to talk to your loved ones.

Movies have made us think of the mediums pictured as tarot cards, crystal balls, and Ouija boards, but mediums are more than that. Mediums are real persons who have the power to communicate with the dead and talk to spirits since time immemorial. Psychic mediums experience an altered state of consciousness and unusual and immersive auditory and mental activities to communicate with the life hereafter.

When mediums talk to the deceased, they experience clairaudient communications more than clairsentient and clairvoyant communications.

The ability to speak to the spirits of the deceased by mediums with psychic powers has increased with the rise in Spiritualism. Spiritualism is based on the faith and belief that human souls in the life hereafter are able to communicate with their loved ones.

Mediums Are the Bridge Between the Living and the Departed:

Many experts believe that psychic mediums act as a bridge to let you establish contact and talk with the spirits of your loved ones. When a physical being transitions to a spiritual being, this is called death. But why mediums can establish contact with spirits and not you? It is because mediums have this intuitive power of internal communications that makes them feel, hear, and see the messages coming from the spirits.

Mediums do not speak to the dead ones; they only communicate YOU with them. In ancient times, when the mediums used to make a connection with the departed, the spirits used to allegedly guide the medium’s hands to write pages for conveying messages and information. But now, mediums can also use guessing games, spirit tarot cards, and crystals to communicate with the deceased.

Mediums are born with sensitive powers, which enable them to procure messages from a spiritual existence by acting as “interpreters.”

But how do Mediums Interconnect with Unworldly Beings/Spirits?

Mediums mediate communication between the living and the departed through several methods. The most common ones are the following:

  1. Possession: In order to facilitate communication, mediums undergo possession because the spirit needs to communicate in the human form. A medium serves as a vessel to let you in touch with your loved ones by allowing their physical body to spirits.


  1. Channelling: In ancient times, channelling was a type of communication, such as hearing voices or clairaudience in which mediums used to hear something from spirits and pass the information on to their clients. But now, channelling is a type of non-physical mediumship in which a medium becomes a "channeler," which undergoes trance, allowing a spiritual entity to enter their body. Sometimes, the medium undergoes a cataleptic state because the physical body of the medium is under the control of the spirit of the departed one.


  1. Direct Voice: It is a type of communication in which the medium only assists the communication, and the spirit talks to their loved ones independent of the medium. The medium will only mediate an interconnection of spiritual worlds and physical worlds. Mediums that facilitate this type of communications are called "trumpet mediums" because the direct voice of the spirit is amplified through trumpets.


  1. Physical Mediumship: Although physical mediumship is not used today, it was considered the best way to talk to the discarnate (spirits). It includes body parts, such as feet, legs, hands, worldly objects, voices and raps, noises, and materialized spirit bodies. In physical mediumship, the medium releases energy or ectoplasm; this is manipulated by the spirit.


  1. Mental Mediumship: This type of communication involves telepathy – no involvement of physical interaction and human sensory channels. A medium's mental consciousness is involved in communicating with the discarnate. Mental mediumship is of any kind, such as clairsentience (psychic feeling), clairaudience (hearing), and clairvoyance (sense of seeing something).

Can A Psychic Medium Talk To The Dead?

How do Mediums Read and Interpret Signs?

While facilitating communication between the sitter and the departed, mediums often develop some intuitive abilities through which they constantly remain in touch with the spirit worlds and ask them for signs.

However, some of the default signs that mediums can indicate the presence of spirits:

  1. Metallic Things, Such as Coins: Metallic things are easy to be manipulated by spirits. For example, they’ll send coins, nickels, dimes, or pennies to show their presence to mediums.


  1. Electrical Signals: Blinking or blaring of the lights and other electrical appliances, phones calls from unknown numbers, and empty text messages are the signs of a spirit trying to communicate with you.


  1. Numbers and License Plates: Numbers sequences on a license plate and receipts and unusual phrases are also some signs that indicate the presence of a spirit.


  1. A TV Show or a Song: A spirit can communicate to you by their favourite TV show or their favourite song playing in the store or a radio.  As music reallocates energy, spirits send a message through song lyrics.


  1. Birds: As birds negotiate something through electromagnetism, they are easy to direct. A spirit send signals through birds, such as bees, butterflies, and sometimes bats (spirits usually don’t send bats).


Different mediums can ask for different signs and they can even ask the spirit to send something specific, for example, oranges. Through these signs, mediums let you talk to your loved ones who had always supported you to get to your highest paths.

A Word from Us:

If you want to change the trajectory of your grief, a psychic reading from a truly gifted medium can be very helpful. Although a medium cannot bring your loved ones back to the physical presence or obviate your pain of losing your loved ones, but it can re-establish a connection through highly evidential information to let you know that your loved ones are safe. So, you can expect getting messages from the spirits who you had loved. Book your session at SA Psychics and speak to top south african psychic medium.

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