How to let go of the past


How to let go of the past

Forgive or Forget: How to let go of the past?

(By Psychic Kylie) 


Most people, when attempting to forgive either others or themselves, make the mistake of thinking that forgiveness means justification of their mistakes. I believe that we've all experienced some sort of traumatic experience in our lives.

We've all been in a situation that made us feel uncomfortable. We've all let people take advantage of our kindness. We have all lost someone in one way or another. We have all been hurt and many of us still carry these pains with us today. We want more out of life, we want freedom and we want peace, but it is not always easy to know how to move on.

It is so easy to let the memories of the past weigh us down. Sometimes the easier choice is to forget what happened and suppress the emotions or fears that come up everytime we think of the past. It is easy to forget our problems, our past and our pains, but it will always come back to haunt us at a late stage in our lives. The only way to break free from what is holding us back is to go THROUGH it. It is scary, yes, but once you break through, it is the most empowering moment of your life.

Today, I want to remind you that the scars from the past are nothing more than beauty marks. Each scar is a reminder of how strong you were in that moment, instead of letting yourself go-you held on. You can call the medals, if you will, to show the world all the challenges you have endured until this very day.

In order to move forward with our lives, we need to take a stepback first. look at our life and what has happened before that day-Who hurt you? What changed you? What caused you pain? Who left you behind? Where did you lose yourself? What situation made you feel worth less than what you actually are?

Once you've gotten the answers to these questions, it is time to move on from them. We do this through the art of forgiving. I know this is not always easy and we don't always know where to start. I am going to share one very powerful prayer that you can use to finally set yourself free!

The Ho'oponopono Prayer

"I’m sorry, Please forgive me. Thank you, I love you."

This is an old traditional Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness. One of the reasons why this Hawaiian forgiveness prayer is so strong and meaningful is that it allows you to first acknowledge that a wrong was done by saying you’re sorry.

It is a fundamental desire to have others recognize our feelings; moreover, you must first acknowledge that wrongdoing does exist, which is a way of recognizing and acknowledging these feelings. Only then will it be possible to forgive someone else, or yourself truly, from your heart.

In the final step, you acknowledge love– both for yourself, and others.

When it comes to forgiving someone or themselves, most people make the mistake of believing that forgiveness entails justification of their mistakes. This is not valid because it ignores hurt feelings, which eventually resurface later if they are not addressed properly and healed.

Reciting these four simple phrases on a daily basis helps develop self-love and self-acceptance at the times when we need it most. In this way, it serves as a self-healing technique as well as a guaranteed insightful guide to forgiving others.

I am Sorry

I have witnessed suffering (in myself or others) and I am sorry for that. I truly apologize for the role my consciousness has played in mine or another’s hurt. I am sorry for allowing myself and others to get hurt in any way.

Please forgive me

Please forgive me for having created, consciously or unconsciously, pain for you and myself. Please forgive me for forgetting our divinity, true nature and spiritual connection.

Please forgive me for holding judgement against you, against myself and the situation.

Please forgive me for not seeing that we are in this together.

We are here for each other and not against each other.

Thank you

Thank you for my forgiveness. Thank you for this healing that is coming my way. Thank you for resolving this issue for me.I realize I am now freed energetically from the chains of my past. Thank you for allowing me to go through this experience, as it has strengthened me. Thank you for holding the space so I can find myself.

Give thanks for any and everything that comes to your mind. Fill your being with appreciation and gratitude for all that is. The more you have to be grateful for-the lighter your heart becomes and, therefore, it is easier to forgive and move forward.

I love you

I love you. I love myself. I adore you and am grateful for the awareness you have brought.I love the pain that has come to bring me back to love. I love this life. I love the Universe.

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