"I will turn your fears into inspirations"
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I am an intuitve Tarot reader and Reiki Master. By combining my clairvoyance and empathy I am able to deliver in depth tarot interpretations and intuitive readings. Allowing for deeper exploration into the meanings and applications of each reading session. A kind hearted and nurturing reading style makes for a safe space to receive divine guidance.

Hello friend and welcome, I am Maggie. As an intuitive I believe that everyone has the potential to improve their life, yet they may not have access to the information they need in order to do so. My ability to tap into the energy systems of my clients and touch on important details from past, present and future events enables me to provide my clients with useful information in order to make impactful life changes.

I have always been a very spiritual person; I believe the universe has a way of guiding us forward through our lives and with the help of my tarot cards I can bring clarity to those messages. I was blessed with the gift of being able to connect with the inner and outer worlds, and love having the opportunity to connect my clients with their own universal current. My focus is to bring forth awareness and healing through love and to teach others to open up to their own spiritual potential. I am passionate about support others through their own spiritual awakenings. Let me help you find answers and turn your fears into inspirations.

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Maggie is a great person to turn to. I highly recommend her
23.05.22 04:28
Maggie is kind and compassionate. I didn’t hear what I wanted to but what I needed to.
17.05.22 01:56
Maggie picked up on my domestic issue and was so supportive and helpful
11.05.22 02:00
It always good to read with Maggie! She eases my mind with the truth
08.05.22 12:20
This call was best thank u Mags, always
04.05.22 03:47
Maggie gave me some food for thought. Now I need to digest the information
01.05.22 12:08

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