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"Straight forward and direct mixed with love, compassion and understanding"
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I am a spiritual being having a human experience. And part of my human experience is the ability to guide others on their's. I am psychic, clairvoyant and clairsentinent. I am also an End of Life Doula and a psychopomp. I am very good at reading energy and aura's. It is my nature to be straight forward therefore I strongly believe in a no "bull shit" approach.

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She was so accurate,and I understood everything she said.i loved it
02.11.20 09:14
She was so welcoming, warm and so accurate! I understood everything she advised me on, very easy going aswell. I loved it!
29.10.20 05:30
Very straightforward and reassuring. I have a clearer idea on what the next step of my life is.
26.06.20 05:43
Jaydene Lowther
I’ve have had two readings with Denny. Both reading were done with a couple of years in between. With both my readings I was in different stages of my life. Looking to hear something different and with the hopes of not hearing the same thing the second time. My first reading with Denny was absolutely mind-blowing. I was shocked at the information that Denny knew and it was only my first time meeting Denny. When it came to discussing people who had crossed over Denny was extremely sensitive and compassionate with the topic, which made me feel 100% comfortable talking about it. I felt such a sense of clarity and peace after my reading. And walking out of the reading I was just craving more! In my second reading I was very skeptical thinking that I might just hear the same information from a few years back. But I was mind blown! It was completely different. From the second I walked in Denny spoke about a life-changing experience I just had. I couldn’t believe it. How was she to know? I’m not sure how it’s possible but I felt like my second reading was even better than the first. We discussed my situation, which was very personal. Yet with Denny, I felt like I was talking to someone I had known for years. I would without a doubt recommend Denny to anyone and absolutely cannot wait for my next reading. Jaydene Lowther
08.06.20 01:50
Thank you very much Odette, for the closure you gave me about my love life
25.05.20 09:30
Thank you for your help. You made so much sense. I'd really recommend you to others
08.05.20 08:00