Horoscope Cancer




(June 22 to July 22) 

Meaning of Name: The Crab . Cancer is a Water Sign . They love anything to do with family and home. Cancerians are very emotional and can cry for the most simplest of reasons. There hearts are very big and they carry a deep passion for humanity.

Lovers of home and family, the Crabs are sensitive, emotional, harmonious, kind and dedicated. They make faithful lovers. All Cancerians value their home, their relationships and they feel things very passionately. They make really good activists. They offer protection to the ones that they love. They offer help to others but must remember to also love themselves. They do not like getting into arguments as when they do they are quite intense about what they believe in.

Outwardly they sometimes do not seem to have ambition but deep in their souls there is a fire burning of determination. Cancerians are the most beautiful of all the star signs  and they have a natural affinity with animals. All who know them love them.

They are nice to work with as they do not spread drama or repeat gossip. They make wonderful parents and are great life partners.Cancerians like dealing with the truth and they do not like surprises. They do not like to be guided or bossed around. .

Ruling planet : The Moon

Symbol : The Crab

The Symbol denotes : Will hurry and run sideways to avoid conflict

Noteworthy qualities : Patience,  Domesticity, Kindness, Devotion,.

Birthstone : Emerald

Birth Colours : Light Blue, Silver, Puce
Lucky Numbers : 6, 1, 99, 69

Compatible Signs : Scorpio and Pisces

Lucky Day : Monday

Deepest need : A Harmonious Home and Family Life

Quality most needed for balance : Mood Control

Associated Flowers and Plants : White Roses, Acanthus, Lilies and Water Lilies

Best Sign/s for marriage and/or partnerships :  
Virgo, Leo, Aries

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