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(By Psychic Khanya) 


Ukuphahla is a word originating from the Zulu language...summarily referring to a process of a prayer session with one's ancestors. 

Ukuphahla is not only for Sangomas/amagqirha. It is for all those who want to communicate with their ancestors. 

All of us have spiritual guides. The difference is for those who have intwaso, they carry them (babathwele). Those who do not have intwaso do not carry them, they come when necessary (to fight against evil, to pass on a message from the spirit world, etc.). 

However, we can all communicate with our guides. Much like we can pray and call on the God of Abraham, nothing should stop you from calling on your forefathers for guidance.

It is really very simple, and can be done in many ways.

What you need to have:

1. White candle (to ask your guides to purify and cleanse your journey on earth. Evil lives amongst us unfortunately. A white candle has the cosmic power to cleanse when used in prayer). Other colour candles can be introduced later when you understand their meaning or have a specific prayer.

2. Impepho (incense)... I use different kinds, ranging from the traditional impepho yethafa/ntaba, impepho yamaroma (the kind used by Roman Catholics/Anglicans). Lucky sticks in the absence of impepho...they are also made of incense...difference is they have flavours).

3. Ugwayi...snuff (black/blue), Tobbaco such as Boxer/BB/Horseshoe

4. A glass of clean water

5. If you have umqombothi (it will not always be available...awuhlali usilile mos)

6. Tots of brandy and white gin. When it is the end of the month..we have a tendency of wanting to wind down and enjoy ourselves ngama sundowner, etc. Khawukhe uthi Xa uthenga your sundowners, add a nip of viceroy/commando brandy and a nip of old buck/Gordon's for Abantu abadala. You can throw in a bottle of wine. Ababantu babebuthanda ubutywala as much as sibuthanda Nathi. Not all of them were bible carriers. Kwakulinywa umbona obomvu umfaxangwe kuselwe konwatywe. You can pour in tots and leave them at the shrine you have created.

7. Once in a while you can have sweets as well...paperless.

8. Create a shrine (sacred prayer place), where you will put a white cloth apho uzobeka khona yonke lento ilapha ngentla. It can be a corner in a room not used a lot or even your own bedroom can usisishumane kungenziwa zimanga erommini yakho🤣

NB...sometimes all you have is impepho. That's ok. Sometimes you only have a candle. That is also ok.

You must:

1. Have something on your shoulders

2. Take your shoes off

3. Uthwale entloko 

4. Uhlambuluke.....can't talk to your elders just after having sex...never! Or whilst busy upheka isichitho for your friend)


What you say:

1. You must know your clan names (both dad and mom's side). If you are born out of wedlock...start with your mother's clan names always. If you know your grand parents' clan names call them out as well. Once done with clan call on all those you know by name in a respectful way. Apologise to those you don't know and ask them to reveal themselves as well you wish to know them.

2. You can proceed to ask for clarity, guidance, protection, etc. Or even thank them for a deal that went well at work. They want to know that you know they lead the way. 

3. If you are going to leave the candle on...make sure it is safe. Impepho nayo uyicime. 

Most of the times, the answers are in you. Going to Sangomas should be last resort. Ask your elders...they will respond through dreams and sometimes through your own intuition.

Most of us are bogus and liars...Themba idlozi kunami🤣

I am Nonkwenkwezi Njongwe Mbirimbiri.

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South African Psychic Khanya

Khanya is a top South African Psychic and Traditional healer with 20 years experience. An intuitive reader and truth seeker. she cuts through illusions to help people see the truth in situations and advises on practical solutions that support her clients on their journey... to get deeper insights and guidance, get a Psychic reading session with Khanya

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