DO YOU BELIEVE IN ANGELS? By South African Psychic Medium Robynne


(By Psychic Medium Robynne)


Although few people will actually "see" or "hear" their angels in a physical sense . . . they are never far away.  Have you ever had a sudden and unexplainable change of heart and wondered, "Where did that come from?  I was completely against the idea!"  That is your angels at work, guiding you in the direction for your best interests. Have you ever felt in complete despair . . . feeling that a situation was hopeless and beyond repair?  Then suddenly, unexpected, a strange twist of fate changes it all into what you thought couldn't be possible?  It is the angels once again! Have you ever been in a state of depression, worry, or fear . . . and you felt a slight breeze or a very brief, but gentle touch on the back of your neck, but you know you are inside and away from any possible drafts? That is a touch from an angel to let you know you are not alone.

Have you ever felt that someone was watching you -- that intense kind of feeling when you sense that someone is behind you?  Yet you turn around and no one is there?  There is someone there after all -- an angel! Have you ever been with a loved one during his or her last moments on earth and watched them struggle to point and call a name . . . perhaps trying to speak a name or tell you what they are seeing?  You see they are not afraid, and this is because they see an angel sent there just for them to protect them and guide them toward their next journey after life.  It is at least a small comfort to those left behind to know that someone dear to their heart leaves in the loving warmth and protection of angels!

Sometimes angels appear in our lives as Earth Angels . . . another human being, like you or I, who helps someone, rescues them, or guides them in some very important way.  At one time or another, we all have been the benefactor of an Earth Angel . . . and at some point; we've likely been such an angel to someone else who desperately needed us at a critical time in that person's life.  It is wonderful to know that we, too, can be "angels" to others in need.  What an honour it is to be called to such service! And so . . . I believe in angels!!  Do you?

What an Angel Reading can do for you

An angel reading is a very positive experience!  And through an (in addition to Tarot Readings and numerology), Angel Reading . . .  helps you discover what your angels want you to know :-)

Angel Readings are very similar to Tarot Readings.  They are rendered with love and caring for your specific needs, and they offer guidance and direction that empower you to make decisions and move forward.  An angel reading can shed light on an issue of concern so that you may find the peace, abundance, and fulfilment in life that you desire.  It is true that we cannot always change a situation, but often we can find ways to cope or improve upon a current difficulty.  What we can usually change is something within ourselves . . . whether it be a change in attitude or a new approach to our issues.  An angel reading helps to clarify your issues . . . and lets you see where things are, where they are heading, and how to move in a more positive direction.

These readings can also counsel you through a time of grief, sorrow, or depression.  They bring to you love and guidance from an angel's perspective . . . and in this way, you can also learn the best about yourself.  You have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding about relationships, career, challenges, and other life issues.  You have a chance to realize the blessings you already hold, but perhaps overlooked during trying times. The angels are always with you, offering love and guidance at all times.  You are truly never alone!  All you must do is open the door to your heart and mind . . . and the angels will help you find answers to life's troubles.

DO YOU BELIEVE IN ANGELS? By South African Psychic Medium Robynne

What is the difference between an Angel Reading and a Tarot Reading?

Each of these special readings come up with cards, which are truly meant for you -- nothing is pre-written or "canned" and nothing is automated.  The readings are all genuine . . . from the heart. Therefore, the difference between these various types of readings is simply a matter of personal preference.  Some people remain intrigued with the Tarot and prefer their readings with Tarot Cards.  Others feel more comfortable with Angel Readings as a way to feel more connected with the angels . . . while some prefer the enchantment of a Fairy Reading . . . fairies are the angel's helpers, and they also bring encouragement with their special messages.  And then there are some who choose their reading type based on what they feel at the moment.  Perhaps one time they will select an Angel Reading . . . and then next time a Tarot Reading.

Therefore, the choice is really up to you on which type of reading you want :-)  Whatever your choice, just know that it is the right one!  This is a choice that will never be wrong, no matter which type of reading you decide on.  There are important messages that await you, and all three readings are equally capable of providing you inspiration and guidance with a loving touch.

Are Angel Readings only for people of a particular faith, such as Christianity?

No, Angel Readings are for everyone, regardless of which faith they follow.  My belief is that the Angels love everyone and do not discriminate on any basis . . . just as we all should be.  You can receive an inspirational Angel Reading and use it to help you within your own personal faith or beliefs.  If you do have a preference on religion or a particular faith, just let me know, and I will ensure that your personal reading is geared toward your beliefs.  Otherwise, you may find mention of God in your reading, or Higher Power, or Spirit.  My own personal Higher Power is God, however, I respect those who hold different beliefs, and I will never belittle anyone who feels differently than I.  Nor will I try to force my beliefs onto anyone else.  That is not the purpose of Angel Readings . . . the purpose is to help you with love and guidance from the angels. Anyone who wishes to benefit from an Angel Reading can do so -- especially those who believe in angels, regardless of other personal beliefs :-)

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