How to have an effective Tarot Reading


how to have an effective tarot cards reading


Having your Tarot Cards read for you is a very sacred act of communicating with Spirit and the Angels. Before doing a Tarot Reading for someone the cards are always shuffled and blessed.


1. When you call your Tarot Reader make sure that you introduce yourself with your real name as well as your date of birth.


2. Let the Reader know if you are in a relationship and be very clear about the question that you are asking. 


3. Speak clearly into the phone as the Tarot Reader will be connecting to the sound and the tone of your voice.


4. If you as a question about someone else and what they are feeling for you, the cards may not answer that directly but will certainly answer other things about the situation. Cards can only be read for someone else the the permission of their Higher Self.


5. Do not shout your demands to the Tarot Reader - they will answer what they can from the symbolism of the cards.


6. If certain questions are not answered it is because you were not mean to be given the answer ( ie: what colour hair your new love is going to have ). Some questions are left open otherwise you would miss some great lessons in life. Some things are meant to be surprises otherwise you miss out on important life lessons.


7. When your Tarot Reading is over make sure that evening you have a long soak in a bath. Make the water Holy by asking it to be blessed by the Angel of Water. Add three cups of coarse salt to the bath. Submerge yourself and ensure that all negativity washes off you. You are then ready to face the world as a new person with positive energy.


8. Having a Tarot Reading can be a life changing experience which is why it is always good to re-boot your system after having one.


9. Enjoy connecting and attracting a little bit of life magic into your life.


10. If you found your Tarot Reading useful please recommend your Reader and the website to your friends so that we can help more people find the answers to their hidden truths.


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Arcadian is a Top South African Psychic & Astrologer with 25 years experience. An intuitive reader and truth seeker. he cuts through illusions to help people see the truth in situations and advises on practical solutions that support his clients on their journey... to get deeper insights and guidance, get a Tarot Reading session with Arcadian

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