The journey of a Psychic Medium is not easy


The journey of a Psychic Medium is not easy

The journey of a Psychic Medium is not easy

(By Psychic Medium Kyro)

Being a Psychic Medium in this world is no easy journey to walk.

On a daily basis a Professional Psychic Medium deals with people that has been through so much pain and just want that peace of mind that things will turn out to be just fine, doing this is not an easy task to achieve – You need to be centered all the time and you cannot get emotionally attached to a client but as all psychics know that this is not always possible and we do get those times were we can just not keep our tears down and we cry with our clients – when A Psychic Medium tells you that they are happy for you they truly mean it.

The predictions and how they work:

When a psychic medium predicts things that will still happen this is how it works. They say what they see at that specific time when a psychic time is off with a few days an things does not exactly happen as the psychic predicted the first thing the client will do is say, FAKE. But let me put it down into these words.

Predicting things that will still happen is like predicting the weather, Now you see there is clouds and thunder rumbling in the air and it will rain soon and you are 100% sure but then God knows better and decides to bring up the wind and the clouds blows away and there is no rain fall at all as you predicted. Everyone was ready with raincoats but for what? There was no rain fall at all. Do not pack away your rain coasts because it will return and when it does you will be ready. This is how I see predictions and how they work the psychic only says what they see.

Being a Psychic Medium is not something you can just take a course on and BOOM you are qualified, you either have the gift or not.

Many psychics do readings on their own and one thing that I Kyro would like to ask you to never forget. A psychic is not GOD, you take the information that you receive and put it to good use even if the news is not what you want to hear at that time.

Psychic Medium Reading

Just like every other person Psychics do have days that they are down and might not be as “on spot” as you wanted them to be, but let me tell you this, having a psychic as a friend you have a friend for life.

It all comes down to this, being a Psychic Medium, you must be strong and open to the words that gets spoken against you.

“The world of a Psychic Medium is not easy, but we enjoy one thing that well never change, when a client response and tells us thank you all worked out as you said it will”

About the author

South African psychic medium Kyro

Kyro is a top South African Psychic with 20 years experience. An intuitive reader and truth seeker. he cuts through illusions to help people see the truth in situations and advises on practical solutions that support his clients on their journey... to get deeper insights and guidance, get a psychic reading session with Kyro

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