How To Determine If A Psychic Medium Is Legitimate?




What is a Psychic Medium?

When we hear the word “Medium” or Spirit Medium, certain pre-assumed images and ideas come to the mind. Ouija boards, crystals balls, a lady with a black cloak in a dimly lit room, you name it. But believe me, there is more within the mist than what Hollywood has taught us.

A medium has the extrasensory ability to “connect” with the deceased ones. They can interpret paranormal forces, are blessed with an intensive form of intuitive observation, have an altered state of mind and a deeper spiritual approach. Medium readers are exceptionally drawn to the spiritual world and have the compassion to help individuals. With a lot of options out there, a person is more likely to fell into a scam. However, the difference between an experienced or licensed medium from an imposter is pretty much obvious.

Is this information too deep for you to digest? Or are you still partly skeptical? Recall if you have any paranormal experience in your life. Rings a bell? I am unhesitantly asserting that you at least did encounter one. With that being said, it’s not implausible to suspect that mortals can talk and exchange information with transcendental or supernatural beings from the other side. The following knowledge can help you avoid any inconvenience and perhaps help you determine if a particular psychic medium is legitimate or not.

Transaction from Physical to Spiritual Being

Mediums can talk to the “dead” ones. I’m certain that’s the first assumption made by folks. However, a licensed or authentic medium would refrain herself from claiming it. She would rather inform you that it just scratches the surface of her expertise and she instead communicate with the “spirit” from the other side.

Mediums don’t talk to the dead but actually transcend from physical dimensions to spiritual dimensions and utilize their altered state of consciousness and intuition to “receive” information from the other side.

Remote Medium Session

With an increase in the number of remote sessions, there is a whole lot of uncertainty out there. If you are considering to avail the opportunity, make sure that you carefully go through the expert’s profile. Look for negative views (if any) and the website’s credentials where she is offering her expertise. To determine the validity of the psychic medium, ask for referrals (although, bear in mind that it could be the fraudulent’s own friends or colleagues), or request them to answer a test question, don’t bother to schedule the session if you didn’t get the satisfying answer. Likewise, observe if during the session psychic medium is giving an answer to you openly or subtly pumping your own self to answer those stated questions.

Question/Answer Session

While mediums must ask questions to precisely connect with the client, cold readers tend to ask unsettling personal questions that are entirely different from what you asked for and usually give you opaque or generic answers, completely irrelevant to your interest. Scammers might also use certain “tricks” to excite or manipulate the client. For instance, they could claim that the spirit of your loved one is right in front of her and is asking you to fulfill some particular demands that were actually pre-planned by the imposter herself.

However, be open to intangible experiences and never hold a specific medium to an unfair degree.


Guide to Find the Expert

Whether you are new to this or have had sessions with different mediums periodically, never blindly go for a person just because you watched a decent advertisement or your friend suggested it to you. Do your own analysis and exploration! Conduct online research, find the person’s basic information, the company or website she is associated with, her experience, and other related background information.

Do weigh up her credentials with another medium expert and see who fits you the most. Avoid anyone who claims to have stupendous godlike skills or vague perceptions that you are not comfortable with.

Alright, A Little Sketch Of how A Medium Interact With Spirits 

Different psychic mediums have a different way of interaction. These inexplicably different peers usually undergo a possession and act as a tunnel or bridge between the spiritual world and the physical world. Some of them always dwell between both realms while others are emphatic enough to share the experiences of both sides whenever they want to. 

A Word from Us

We all are, in one way or another, mystic and fragrant. Your intuitions are way more strong than what you think. Choosing and visiting the right medium can be profoundly revealing, helping, and entertaining, depending on your requirements and situation. Follow your intuition guidance and never immediately wrap your head around someone’s claim, until and unless you make a professional approach to consulting that person. All things considered, never be misled by surface information, cold readings, or believe that every medium reader has paranormal power until you see proof.