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I am a light worker, i am also a Sangoma, Astrologer, Tarot card reader, Numerologist, Psychic and Past life regression practitioner. I have a degree in Metaphysics, as well as a qualification in clinical Hypnotherapy, and I am a properly trained and initiated Sangoma. I am a practising Reiki Master and practice Transcendental Meditation. I am also a Raja/Kundalini Yoga practitioner. I have spent a lifetime in studying comparative religion, so if you need spiritual insights or guidance, I can help you. I find that a bone casting gives a quick and accurate answer, to almost any question. For more insight or a different perspective, I also love to read my Tarot cards, and draw up Astrological charts and Numerological readings. I find that the different disciplines that I practice, give the same answer to a given question, but with different insights. I love to use at least two disciplines during a reading, to provide varied insights to your questions. It is like a double diagnosis, the second diagnosis adds more to the first and backs it up. Sometimes if there is little time, I will just silently swing my pendulum to confirm that we are on the right track. I look forward to helping you to understand your life’s purpose better, and to sort out your current issues/problems, as well as helping to see and understand the road that your life, is taking into your future. God Bless, Namaste, Love Ashur.

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Time flies way too fast. It seems like I chat with him only 1-2 mins although I purchased 5 mins. But still, my $5 for the first time here was really impressive. I'm glad to have his confirmation about HIS feelings, he told me that 'my POI does have feelings for me'. And then, time's up!?? (I'm shocked!) Because we had just starting only one question. Was it 5 mins? Anyway, I still satisfied because I saw his caring question regarding to the situation with my POI, and I can feel that he really wants to help me out. Unfortunately, I hadn't given him more details because of the times.
10.08.21 05:20
Description for person was hard as it was to hear I appreciate it so much!
01.06.21 04:16
Her reading is very lengthy and correct, it has been proven to be true, Amazing! Highly recommended!
01.06.21 04:07
He pays attention to detail and is an honest person. I will always come back to chat with him. Thank you!
25.05.21 09:22
He is the best of the best He gives over and above all the time Thank you for everything you have done for me I appreciate it so much :))))
19.05.21 11:54
Very quick and intuitively knew my questions. Gifted advisor. Thank you, and be blessed with your gift
12.05.21 09:43