"Psychic who uses Bone casting to find accurate answers to your questions"
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I am a light worker, Sangoma, Astrologer, Tarot card reader, Numerologist, Psychic and Past life regression practitioner. I have a degree in Metaphysics, as well as a qualification in clinical Hypnotherapy, and I am a properly trained and initiated Sangoma. I am a practising Reiki Master and practice Transcendental Meditation. I am also a Raja/Kundalini Yoga practitioner. I have spent a lifetime in studying comparative religion, so if you need spiritual insights or guidance, I can help you. I find that a bone casting gives a quick and accurate answer, to almost any question. For more insight or a different perspective, I also love to read my Tarot cards, and draw up Astrological charts and Numerological readings. I find that the different disciplines that I practice, give the same answer to a given question, but with different insights. I love to use at least two disciplines during a reading, to provide varied insights to your questions. It is like a double diagnosis, the second diagnosis adds more to the first and backs it up. Sometimes if there is little time, I will just silently swing my pendulum to confirm that we are on the right track. I look forward to helping you to understand your life’s purpose better, and to sort out your current issues/problems, as well as helping to see and understand the road that your life, is taking into your future. God Bless, Namaste, Love Ashur.

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Thanks for the reading. Didn't get the opportunity to thank you
07.01.21 01:45
Rachel Mofokeng
I'm very happy. I'm going to be buying the 15 minute call. So I can find out more.
25.10.20 07:20
Thanks for the reading, a real eye opener wishing for more... Saved my life
19.10.20 10:47
Reading was amazing
30.09.20 09:00
Thanks for your insight Accurate and on point Much appreciated
28.09.20 08:50
I appreciated my reading with Ashur. He is very insightful, patient and knowledgeable. I'd recommend him if you're trying to find clarity in your life
20.09.20 06:50