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Accomplished Astrologer with psychic/ clairvoyant ability. I use several divination tools ( Tarot - Astro- Charts- Pendulum- Crystal Ball- remote viewing etc..) to verify my answers and insight in to all areas of life=(Love Soulmates Career Home Family Lost pets-Items Dream interps medium-pass over souls. I have been clairvoyant since early age, cultivating this gift for over 30 years under Master teachers of spiritual and divination Shamans and Paranormal institutions worldwide. I often give talks in paranormal and psychic seminars as well as readings at different functions and personal private readings . In my readings I do not sugarcoat whatever i intuit I will try and align you to the outcome you seek. I am Qualified couch and body mind and soul fitness holistic trainer, Usui Reiki master, Meditation couch, and if need be will guide and assist in your growth however I can. I have a degree in psychology and physiology, and this helps to give me clarity in your path ahead to grow and become as holistic and balanced as you desire. In my reading i will guide assist and if you are open to Meditation I will get you in to the mind-state that is conducive to your spiritual growth

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(75 Reviews )
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She is outstanding! Very warm, compassionate and accurate! Her predictions have come true in the past and her advice is always just what I need! Thank you always!!
19.07.21 09:25
Amazing, always very honest, supportive, giving the best advice, amazing Isis can see very deeply. Many thanks
16.07.21 09:55
She's amazing! Connects quickly. Highly recommend a reading with her.
12.07.21 08:42
Isis answered just what i needed to hear, I cannot thank you enough you have been absolutely amazing in this journey of mine!
09.07.21 02:20
Wow, she picked up on my Situation so fast and was incredibly insightful. Isis is amazing
01.07.21 06:21
Awesome. As always helps clarify situations for me. She’s great.
28.06.21 11:40