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2012 was my Activation of my Akasha and I have never been more scared in my life seeing that I can see all lives past, present and future. I didn't know what was going on until a healer told me that I have an ancient gift of being able to validate the emotional intelligence of those who seek it and articulate it for them so that can heal that part of themselves. So an Oracle, Seer, truth sayer_ white witch and shamanic medicine woman of recapitilation clearing process. This allowed me to accept my purpose and hand over my ego self to my divine path and walk with blind faith and trust my path will teach me everything I need to know, bring in the teachers I need to assist me and the lessons, rite of passage and annitations that tested my courage and loyalty to my path and gift. The mission was to walk against the grain if normal society, not sign for a job and take in my gift and awakening as my full time job. I have been walking this path for 10 years and it has traveled me around the world activating stare gates, doing soul Activations online and one on one with those that seek it and setting up healing Sanctuaries around the world. I have shifted into my ancient Lyran self living in this life and balancing my gift with money, freedom and practical steps to teach this forward. We all have it within us already so Divine and myself created a simple way to activate the soul so that the body will respond so that more can be of divine path with serendipitous validation along the way. My tools and certificates are for me to add to my toolbox and to deepens my wisdom if self and of Galactic awareness. Everything I have done and have has been gifted to me as a sign from my divine family that this is my path and I am who I am.

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she transmits something very clear, and tells a lot of details very precisely without me saying anything.... really grasps things for real! wonderful and delightful reading... she's a wise lady!
19.04.21 12:28
good news. love the accuracy in the reading. spot on about my son. thanks so much!!! Blessings'
12.04.21 06:59
Very caring and very honest. really appreciated this reading it was super helpful
06.04.21 09:41
Spot On!!!
Incredible insight and gave me clarity thank u!
31.01.20 02:07
Thanks for the reading , I really enjoyed speaking with you.
29.12.19 12:47
Thanks for the reading
29.12.19 12:31