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LGBT friendly. Om Sai Ram. I have been a Lightworker for over 30 years, and a professional psychic advisor and life coach for the past 20. I have given my life to being of service to people. I have been psychic since birth and I use Angels and the Holy Spirit - as well as Tarot and intuition to see your way forward. There is not a problem I have not heard.

Miracles do happen and with my guidance, you can achieve anything your heart desires. Let me help you see your journey and make sense of whatever is confusing you. I am here for you anytime - day or night. I want you to have peace of mind. I want to give you the kind of clarity that helps you feel relaxed. I know life seems confusing, but I am here to help. I will show you paths and opportunities you may not be aware of and instruct you on how to access them.

I can help you find clarification regarding a love affair or on career matters as well as how to allow manifestation from visualisation to occur. I have experienced many of life's problems such as suicide, death of a loved one, affairs and divorce. I specialize in helping clients reach new levels of understanding so that they can attract and manifest exactly what they want to in their life. A Reading with me will lift the veil and remove the obstacles blocking your path. I believe if you can dream it you can manifest it.

I am a published New Age writer and do regular live broadcastings in South Africa. My Readings are fast and quick and I relay the message exactly as it comes through. I am kind and compassionate and will help your life grow as you develop spiritually on your journey.

Come to me and let me help you ease your emotional pain or turmoil. I am experienced in all matters of the heart and there is not a story I have not worked through. I can assist with important business decisions and issues with Soul Mate or Twin Soul relationships. I can help you work with the Universe to manifest the reality of your dreams.

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Simone Naidoo
Wonderful person...A real Star :) Such accurate n spot on with the readings.thank you once again.will surely be n blessings to you
04.05.20 02:21
Spot On
You got it spot on every single detail thank you so much.i will be in contact again .
20.04.20 02:04
I believe what she is said the universe will fulfil I thank you for calming my soul
02.04.20 01:31
Straight to the point, you actually picked up a lot in a few minutes that gave me and aha moment, stay blessed
06.03.20 10:23
I have a sense of peace now. I promise to come back for a full session with you
05.02.20 05:48
I feel at peace after your reading! Thank you for putting things in perspective!
03.02.20 10:39