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I have BA degree in Metaphysics and have studied Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Access Bars, Hypnosis, Neo Chod integration, Platform reader in a Spiritual Church. She runs meditation classes and was affiliated with Talisman psychosocial Foundation where she received a Mandela award. She also conducts Conscious Touch intimacy playshops EG : The Body never Lies, and other self empowerment events . Her Tarot Wisdom and dowsing reading and intuitive counseling skills is to the point and will walk the extra mile empathically to help you break your chains. Elmarie is a Spiritual Healer, Connector to Spirit, Ascension Assistant, Transformation Consultant and Catalyst for Change. She is a speaker, intuitive healer, Executive life coach. Elmarie uses her intuition and energy mastery to help her clients align with the truth of who they are as powerful beings here to experience their greatest life. She is able to shift many out of the dense morphic fields that are keeping humanity trapped in 3rd dimensional reality illusion. She is able to transmit vibration and frequency in order to transmute energy that is not serving her clients in order for them to be in greater alignment with their soul and divine purpose and shine in the world.

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Elmarie is calm and doesn’t judge and it is incredible
28.06.22 05:05
Thank you Elmarie for being patient with me and understanding
26.06.22 10:41
I felt like Elmarie helped me make the decision I should have made ages ago
22.06.22 04:34
Elmari is smart and present in the moment
19.06.22 03:53
Elmarie made me feel very at ease with my situation and even gave dates to wait for!
13.06.22 07:55
Brilliant, insightful, almost provided no context, she was just spot on with the reasons that brought me to her. Her feedback on the current situation gave me great insights and advise for moving forward.
09.06.22 11:16

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