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Whether you are a beginner with Psychic Phone Readings, or you consult with a Psychic every week, many people wonder how a Phone Reading works when the Psychic cannot see you or be in your company. It actually works likes the internet. Let's explore this deeper.

Why is a Psychic Phone Reading like using the internet?

The internet is a very powerful tool in today's modern world, yet you cannot touch it or say where it is located. It is just a collection of energy that can be accessed wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection.

Your energy field is very similar. You cannot see it or touch it and yet it is out there for someone to access. It is energy just waiting to be tapped into. Like the internet, there is some information that is important or needs to be focused on and that is exactly what a Psychic Reader from SA-PSYCHICS will do for you.

We would suggest not wasting time by asking your Psychic Reader what you are wearing or what you ate for dinner as that is not the information that can be accessed from your energy field. Emotions, connections with others and where your future lies can be easily read by a Psychic Reader over the phone so be sure to bring a sense of calm to your inner-being before placing that call to have a Psychic session completed.

How does it work? 

When you connect with a Psychic by phone, every Psychic Advisor has there own way of logging into your energy field. It is important therefore to read the biography profile of the Psychic Advisor you are connecting with so that you get the type of Reading that you want. For example, a Tarot Reader will not do a Crossing-Over session.

Here are a few examples of how your Psychic Advisor tunes into your energy: 

•  Seeing pictures 

•  Hearing advice

•  Intuition

•  Energy Reading

•  Angels

•  Higher Self

•  Tarot

Spirit Guides

A Psychic does not have to be with you to channel for you if they receive information from your Guides or Angels. Their energy does not exist only in 3-dimensional reality. They can be accessed in any time or space. Provided you are calm and an open and clear channel, messages can be downloaded and relayed back to you.

If the Tarot is used, then the cards will have been blessed and all the Psychic needs to do is to translate the messages back to you. There is no need for you to be physically with the Psychic. A Medium would conduct their work accessing the Akashic Records or connecting with a person who has crossed over and they do not have to be physically in your company. Hopefully, this clears up why a Phone Reading is a successful way to connect with your energy remotely just like when using the internet to search for data.

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Why is your date of birth important? 

Date of birth data is important when using astrology to show which planets are having an influence over your life right now. Birth data is also important as at different decades the human self learns certain lessons that can be relayed back to you to bring you comfort and peace of mind. The consciousness of the Psychic Reader will place their consciousness in the astral field and will view you from this plane. It is certainly possible for your Psychic Reader to see your aura as though they were sitting right in front of you.   Sometimes, if a psychic is conducting a long-distance healing or reading of a client’s future or energy field, they will place their consciousness in the astral dimension and view the client from this plane.  Birth data is an incredibly useful tool to allow the Psychic to connect your human self with the energy self.

Because a Psychic Reading connects with energy it is not necessary for the Psychic Reader to be in your presence when they do your Reading, they simply connect with your voice over the phone. Online Psychics on SA-PSYCHICS are specialised in their field and feel quite comfortable Reading over the phone.

The Benefits Of  A Psychic Phone Reading

One of the main benefits of having a Phone Reading is that there are no distractions and there is no influence on what you look like or what you are wearing. The Reading will be a pure channel. A Phone Reading can be as effective as meeting the Psychics in person. A Psychic can tap into your energy field from anywhere in the world and you get to choose the amount of time you spend on the phone by choosing the time package that suits you best. Everyone has a smartphone so getting a Psychic Reading is getting easier and is more popular than meeting a Psychic in person. 

Are you still unsure that having a Phone Reading with an SA PSYCHIC Advisor is what you are looking for? Try it out for yourself and take advantage of our FREE three-minute trial phone call to have one question answered. choose from the large database of online Psychics that are ready to take your call today

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