Horoscope Gemini


Horoscope Zodiac Sign Gemini


Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

Meaning of Name: The Twins  Geminis are great talkers and if you find someone in the corner deep in conversation then it is probably a Gemini. They love interaction with others and will argue a point they believe to be the truth 
Gemini's are very intelligent and quick witted and can always tell a liar. Gemini's need to be in a career that keeps them very busy. They are talented that they put their mind to. They are good at working with their hands. They also enjoy games of the mind.They cannot stand being bored so they need very industrious careers where things are different everyday.
They make very good public speakers and would do well being on the radio. The Twin energy comes in where the Gemini can have two minds, one which is passionate and one which is logical. The two are always performing against each other and the process of thought changes from moment to moment. Hence Gemini's will always keep you on your toes.
Some people say that they are low in concentration but this is only when they are bored. Their minds are very fast and think deeply. They are loyal partners and very entertaining - a relationship with a Gemini will never be boring.  Gemini's will be very popular amongst friends and will often lead the crowd.


Ruling planet : Mercury

Symbol : The Twins

The Symbol denotes : duality, intelligence, quick wittedness

Noteworthy qualities : Intelligence, expressiveness, unique

Birthstone : Jade and Green Onyx. 

Birth Colours : All shades of Green

Other lucky colours : Yellow

Lucky Numbers : 63, 6, 29, 33

Compatible SignsLibra, Aquarius, Virgo

Lucky Day : Wednesday

Deepest need : Intelligence


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