Horoscope Aquarius


Horoscope Zodiac Sign Aquarius


(January 21 - February 20)

Meaning of Name: The Water-bearer | Type:  A symbol of all that’s good and pure in this world.
Aquarius is the most liberal thinking of all the humans and they dream things others may not. They are usually inventors or even great Mystics. They have an incredible sense of social charm. They mostly have an issue developing deep and meaningful relationships as they fail to trust.
They will only have a few friends at a time but those friends mean the world to them. They are not ones to show off,preferring to live inside their minds rather than in the outside world.
Everything new and funky is what makes an Aquarian tick and they make great visionaries. They are usually happy people who love deep and meaningful conversation. They are the originators of society and the most free of all the signs in the zodiac. They are usually very attractive and they are always there in a time of need to offer a helping hand.
They are kind and generous and usually very philanthropic. They stick their necks out for others. They are the essence on which society is born. They are good at giving advice.

Ruling planet : Saturn and Uranus

Symbol : A man emptying a water pot

The Symbol denotes : Waters of life - that which gives life to men

Noteworthy qualities : Philosophical, leadership, originality, dreamer

Birthstone : Amethyst and Blue Sapphire

Birth Colours : Electric Blue, Grey, Ultramarine Blue

Other lucky colours : Navy Blues, silver

Lucky Numbers : 1, 27, 50

Compatible Signs : 
Gemini, Libra

Lucky Day : Saturday

Deepest need : To be the first, an independent thinker

Quality most needed for balance : Kindness, obedience, grounding
Associated Flowers and Plants : Orchids, Fruit Trees

Best Sign/s for marriage and/or partnerships : Leo, Libra


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Horoscope Zodiac Sign Aquarius

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