Horoscope Sagittarius


Horoscope Zodiac Sign Sagittarius


(November 22 – December 21)

Meaning of Name : The Archer

Sagittarius are absolute seekers of the truth and they love to travel. They are fun loving and make very good company to others. They can be restless at times if they have worked too long at one business or they have lived for too long at one place. They like to be kept on the move. Many are very philosophical in their approach to life.
They are constantly digging deeper to find out the answers to the meaning of life. They have a quest for inner truth and sometimes may come across as being too forward in their approach to others. They take everyone on their own terms. They can end up asking embarrassing questions.
All they want to do is to know and see. However there is a nature of duality here. They maybe seekers of the truth but when they gain that knowledge they may resent it and do not wish to be held back in any way. They can get quite fanatical in their quest for Holy truths. They attract other Sagittarius into their social circle and discussion will be around philosophy, education and religion. They make warm and compassionate lovers and are interesting to have a conversation with.

Sign Ruled By: Jupiter

Symbol(s): An Archer, with half man and half horse body

The Symbol denotes: Positive outlook
Noteworthy qualities: Sincere and Truthful
Birthstone – Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Topaz
Birth Colours – Yellow, Yellow-Orange
Deepest need – Mental expansion
Quality most needed for balance – Temperance
Associated Flowers and Plants – Asparagus, Dandelions, Carnations, Pink Coloured Flowers
Best sign/s for marriage and/or partnerships – Gemini

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