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From a very young age I had the ability to know things about people. I shouldn’t. Seeing my first entity at the age of three. However this did not frighten me. I already knew I had protection so it could not harm me. I always felt Angels and Spirit guides around me, to help and guide me and I ask them a question then receive answers.



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(9 Reviews )
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Thank you so much for the care with which you advised me. This was exceptional!
19.04.21 05:05
quick fast and straight to the point. says it how it is. doesn't sugar coat it or say more than needed. thank you
06.04.21 09:52
Very fast to pick up on the situation and energy and accurate.
02.03.21 08:49
Fransina Charlton
Thank you so much for the reading and confirming everything for me. You naturally were 100% correct with everything. You are a star. There is no angel emojis to post to you so ill just have to put this one \ij. Light and blessing to you.
02.03.21 01:40
Tilisa Booysen
Thank you so much for the reading, Anthony. I feel more at peace right now. Will be making another booking soon for my daughter's. God bless you and keep you safe
02.03.21 01:39
Steele Em
Anthony Thank you for my incredible reading on Sunday. You were spot on and touched my soul with this reading. You have an incredible gift. I encourage everyone to do a reading and to contact you. God bless.
02.03.21 01:37