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I was born clairaudient, clairsentient, with claircognizance and clairempathy, which made for a weird childhood. I embraced my gift as an adult and have been offering readings,  healing, counselling and guided advice for nearly 40 years.

I have a strong link with animals and was featured on SABC Free Spirit with my animal healing and bone throwing.

I am an author of metaphysics “Your best Friend is You: ISBN : 9781456812683

As a medium I need to connect with your deceased relatives, who may never have contacted earth plane before, so for a more profound linking you are welcome to have an extended session.

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I have done a few readings with Tanya over the years and she has always been completely accurate, my sessions with her have been invaluable. Tanya also always manages to find a balance between professionalism and making you feel at home during readings. Consulting a psychic can be somewhat daunting, but Tanya is gentle and concise.
19.10.20 10:06
You are truly a gift from the universe💜. The session was mind blowing..
19.10.20 12:45
Wendy Long
I have to say not only do I enjoy your readings but you certainly accurate and healing too. Thank you for always helping and guiding me into a positive light especially in times of affirmation. Your gentleness gives me confidence in all the crazy things we do or think. I look forward to my next reading and soon. xxx
18.10.20 03:21
This was the best reading I have ever had. I had doubts about psychics before but not after my reading with Tanya. She is the real deal. Love her manner on the phone and can tell she has a great sense of humour!
12.10.20 09:21
Sam Parsons
Always available to talk to my animals when I need to know if they are happy and well, or if they have specific health issues. Giving great advice and messages of comfort.
10.10.20 04:41
Gizelle Williams
I have been doing readings with Tanya since 2016. She is always accurate and delivers her message with empathy.
09.10.20 07:38