Horoscope Scorpio


Horoscope Zodiac Sign Scorpio


(October 23 to November 21)

Meaning of Name: The Scorpion

Scorpio is without doubt the most fiercest sign of the Zodiac. They are wonderful human beings but if you cross them they have a very strong sting in their tail. Mention the sign of Scorpio and most people pull back slightly in fear. They are also very sexual and enjoy being in long term relationships. They love nothing more than a good fight.

They are very driven and they will not quit at anything. This can also be their downfall as they are quick to react without thinking before they react. They are dependable friends and make the most interesting lovers. Scorpios must be prepared to be told no sometimes and they must not take it as an insult. They are actually very soft at the core of their soul and can take things very seriously, often making themselves out to be the victim which is not the case. They are so driven forward at times that friends and family have no choice but to say no in certain situations. Anyone getting involved with a Scorpio will have an passionate intimate life and they will be loved and adored.

They are sensuous in love and willing and caring..Scorpios do not like being betrayed and sometimes they lose their temper. Do not get in the way of an angry Scorpio and if you fall under this sign try and develop ways to calm your mind when you feel challenged by someone or something. Scorpios are certainly fearless and have the desire to succeed no matter what. They carry with them an aura of mystery .

Ruling planet : Pluto and Mars

Symbol : A Scorpion

The Symbol denotes :  Persistence and determination.

Noteworthy qualities : Energetic and fast paced, passionate and sensual, loyal and devoted

Birthstone : Red Coral

Birth Colours : Red, Maroon

Other lucky colours : Saffron

Lucky Numbers : 10, 22, 29, 63

Compatible Signs : 
Cancer, Pisces

Lucky Day : Tuesday

Deepest need : Evolvement

Quality most needed for balance : A wider view of things

Associated Flowers and Plants : Heather, dark red flowers like geraniums & rhododendrons, thorny plants


Best Sign/s for marriage and/or partnerships : Libra and Sagittarius

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