Horoscope Pisces


Horoscope Zodiac Sign Pisces


(February 19 – March 20)

Meaning of Name: The Fish |  It is known that Pisces are dreamy and creative - they are writers and artists and musicians. The Pisces man or woman has such a creative side to them you can't help but fall in love and be inspired by their lovely demeanor. Most Pisces are very selfless in their approach to life and will give their last cent to others. Pisces seem to live in a world of their own and can often swim against the tide.
They will not stand up for something that they do not believe in and will do their best to get across there own point of view. Sometimes they live too much in a dreamland and need to be brought down to earth by their friends and partners. They are usually very focused spiritually and certainly know the difference between right and wrong.
They love living in their cosy and beautiful homes. They are caring and loyal to those closest to them. They make wonderful parents and are very loving and kind. They fall in love very deeply and must first wise up and see if this person is worthy of their love as they are prone to being taken advantage of. Its difficult to get them to change their ways of behaviour which must happen to ensure they have a balanced and harmonious romantic life.
Pisces can also turn very vindictive when they feel like it and they must be aware of not doing this as this forms the negative part of their personality and does not sit well when wanting to get along with others.  Pisces are also known to enjoy multiple partners so they need to tread cautiously when entering a long-term committed relationship..


Ruling planet : Jupiter and Neptune

Symbol : A pair of Fish, swimming in opposite directions

The Symbol denotes : Deep emotions and mood swings

Characteristics : Emotional

Noteworthy qualities : Peace loving and sensitive, dreamers

Birthstone : Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Topaz

Birth Colours : Aqua, Blue-green, 

Other lucky colours : Earthy tones

Lucky Numbers : 3, 18, 54, 88

Compatible Signs : 
Cancer, Scorpio

Lucky Day : Thursday

Deepest need : Spiritual awareness in surroundings

Quality most needed for balance : To handle life in all its forms

Associated Flowers and Plants : Seaweed, Moss, Other aquatic plants

Best Sign/s for marriage and/or partnerships : Virgo, Scorpio


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