Horoscope Taurus


Horoscope Zodiac Sign Taurus


(April 21 and May 21)

Meaning of Name: The Bull

Taurus is an Earth Sign. They are well known for being hard working and very stable to be with. They are strong and dependable. Ruled by the planet Venus they are very passionate and may even write poetry behind closed doors. They love sensual pleasures and can be very romantic. They must be careful not to fall in love too quickly.
A Taurus will help any person out in need but must sometimes also take care of their own needs before others. They like anything in excess and you may find they have a collection of something in their home. They do not like change - sudden or expected - and they can be extremely stubborn. They certainly like the good things in life and most things need to be designer labels.
They are very loyal to those whom they connect with socially or at work. Once they have made up their mind about something they do not change their mind. They make good parents but are very strict. They are fixed in their approach to life so if you are considering a partnership understand that most of the time you will have to back down.
A Taurus is quite headstrong and stubborn. When extended to work, this very stubbornness becomes an absolute bonus as they push forward until the job is done. They take great pride in what they put their heart and soul into. They can be happy and patient in their approach but they will certainly make things happen. They are popular with friends but most times the schedule for socialising runs on the timing of a Taurus.
They can be quite slow and lazy in their approach to life but this can be worked around but can be frustrating to those around them who wish them to hurry up. Although stubborn, if they like you they will shower you with gifts in appreciation of your friendship or partnership. They make wonderful lovers.
Sign Ruled By: Venus 
Element: Earth
Symbol: the Bull 
The Symbol denotes: Stubbornness and strength, devotion
Noteworthy qualities: Determined and focused, passionate.
Birthstone: Diamond, White Sapphire and White Topaz
Birth Colours: Pink, White
Deepest need: Wealth, love, success
Associated Flowers and Plants: Daisies, foxgloves, lilies, poppies, primroses, roses and violets. 
Best sign/s for marriage and/or partnerships: Scorpio, Gemini, Aquarius


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